What does working with me look like?

You surely have many questions related to the process of cooperation with me, as your "Court painter" or "Brush for rent" (if you prefer :)). So I will try to briefly discuss the whole process step by step here - from the inquiry to the receipt of painted figures:

1. Inquiry

At this stage, you sent me a message with a brief overview of the topic and the main aspects of your project, requesting a quote.

2. Preparation of the appraisal

After reading the message from you, I proceed to analyze all the information received regarding your project. If I deem it necessary, I will contact you for additional details.

After clarifying them, you will receive a quote from me along with a short summary of the work related to your order and a request for confirmation if you want to continue our cooperation.

3. Agreeing the dates

Very pleased that the valuation coincides with the budget you have planned for your project, I am agreeing with you the date when I can start working on the order and the estimated time needed to complete it.

You can book the date in two ways:

  1. Send me the models right away, mentioning the tracking number for the package with them.
  2. Make a prepayment to my account in the amount of min. 15% of the agreed order value.

Regardless of the chosen form of booking the date - both of them are honored by me in the same way, so the decision on which booking option will be more convenient is up to you.

4. The adventure begins

The deadline for starting work on your order is approaching, so you send me all your models (folded or not) that I have to deal with for you.

5. Getting started

During this time, I clean, assemble, paint, pamper your figures so that they look exactly as you dreamed and as we agreed.

6. Completion of the order

When the painting and modeling works are finished, I send you complete photo documentation for approval.

If everything is exactly as it was, or even better than you wanted, you pay the remainder of the agreed amount to the given account.

After the payment is recorded, all models are carefully secured and packed for shipment.

I will inform you about the shipment in a separate message.

I will be very obliged if, upon receipt, you will send me a short message, whether the models are okay and what impression they made on you after unpacking 😀

Now that you know how easy it is to cooperate with me, please send me your project for a quote. Within two working days you will receive a reply from me: