MESBG - Anborn and Mablung (presentation)

Anborn and Mablung are two great heroes in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG), set in the world of Tolkien. They play important roles in the army of Gondor.

Anborn is a skilled archer and ranger, and Mablung is the captain of Gondor. Their role is to patrol Ithilien, defend against hostile forces, and maintain security. Anborn specializes in precise shots, eliminating enemies from a distance, while Mablung is a capable commander, ready to face any threat.

Anborn and Mablung were painted in a professional finish level.

As an enthusiast of painting miniatures for battle and board games, I specialize in painting miniatures from various systems, including popular battle games such as Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. My painting skills allow me to convey the details and character of each figure, giving it an individual look and authenticity.

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