MESBG – Captains of Minas Tirith (showcase)

The Captains of Minas Tirith are the elite commanders of the armies of Gondor in the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG). These are experienced warriors who, with their courage, determination and combat skills, have earned the role of leaders in the kingdom's army. Their main function is to command troops of soldiers during battle, which makes them key figures on the battlefield.

Captains of Minas Tirith - weapons

Captains of Minas Tirith are usually armed with a sword and shield, allowing them to fight effectively on the front lines. The sword is a symbol of their courage and skill in hand-to-hand combat, while the shield provides additional protection against enemy attacks. This set of weapons makes them perfectly prepared to lead their soldiers through the most dangerous battles.

The function and role of the Captains of Minas Tirith in the army of Gondor

The Captains of Minas Tirith play a key role in Gondor's military strategy. Their tasks include commanding troops, tactical planning and direct combat on the front line. Thanks to their charisma and combat skills, they can raise the morale of their soldiers and inspire them to fight even in the most difficult moments. Captains are not only leaders, but also role models for their subordinates, which makes them irreplaceable in any military campaign.

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