MESBG – Guards of the Fountain Court (showcase)

The Guards of the Fountain Court are the elite units of the Gondorian army in the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG). They are the guardians of the most important places in Minas Tirith, including the King's Fountain and the royal palace. However, their role goes beyond just protecting these places, as they are also elite warriors, ready to defend their kingdom on the battlefield. They are known for their unwavering loyalty, courage and exceptional combat skills.

Strategic feature of the Guards of the Fountain Court

The Guards of the Fountain Court play a key role in Gondor's defense strategy. As elite units, they have high defense statistics and excellent combat skills, which make them extremely difficult opponents to defeat. Their presence on the battlefield improves the morale of other soldiers and ensures the stability of the front line. Fountain Guards are typically placed at strategic points where their defensive capabilities can best serve the purpose of protecting key areas and army commanders.

Guards of the Fountain Court equipment

Guards of the Fountain Court are usually armed with heavy armor, shields and spears, which further increases their defensive capabilities. Their armor is ornately decorated, symbolizing their status as royal guards. Shields, in turn, not only protect against enemy attacks, but also are a symbol of their steadfastness and willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend Gondor. The spears they carry allow them to fight effectively against both enemy infantry and cavalry.

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