MESBG - Guardians of the Fountain Court (presentation and painting instructions)

The Guardians of the Fountain Court are chosen from among the most disciplined veterans in all of Gondor, sworn to lay down their lives in the service of the Lords of Minas Tirith. There are too few of them to form your own regiments on the battlefield. The Fountain Guard instead act as bodyguards and commanders, supporting the weaknesses of Gondor's defenses with unfailing example.

The Guardians of the Fountain Court were painted in Tabletop Plus standard.

Below is the complete painting instructions for the Guardians of the Fountain Court. To make it easier, I have broken it down into individual stages in the order of painting:

Base / Primer:

  1. Vallejo Mecha Black Primer.

Armour, chainmail, swords, spear points, shield ornaments, other silver elements:

  1. Leadbelcher (heavy drybrush),
  2. Runefang Steel (medium drybrush),
  3. Nuln Oil (wash),
  4. Runefang Steel (light drybrush).

Gold pieces of armor, swords and spears:

  1. Retributor Armour (layer),
  2. Reinkland Flesh Shade (shade),
  3. Runefang Steel (light drybrush).

Black Cloaks and Cloth Pieces, Non-Metal Shield Pieces:

  1. Vallejo Model Color Black (paint over the remnants of the silver drybrush),
  2. Vallejo Model Color Basalt Grey (medium edge highlight),
  3. Vallejo Model Color Stonewall Grey (light edge highlight).


  1. Vallejo Model Color Elfic Flesh (layer),
  2. Reinkland Flesh Shade (shade).

Spear wooden parts:

  1. Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh Shadows (layer),
  2. Vallejo Model Color Brown Rose (edge highlight),
  3. Nuln Oil (shade).

White tunic, helmet feathers:

  1. Rakarth Flesh (layer),
  2. Agrax Earthshade (shade),
  3. Rakhart Flesh (medium layer),
  4. Pallid Witch Flesh (medium edge highlight),
  5. Vallejo Model Color Cold White (light highlight).

White banner crests:

  1. Vallejo Model Color Cold White (layer).

Yellow Trims of the White Tunic:

  1. Averland Sunset (layer),
  2. Vallejo Model Color Light Yellow (medium edge highlight).


  1. Vallejo Texture Brown Earth (terrain texture),
  2. Agrax Earthshade (shade),
  3. Vallejo Model Color Elfic Flesh (medium drybrush),
  4. Vallejo Model Color Off White (light drybrush),
  5. Mournfang Brown (layer, base edge).

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