WH40K, AOS – Keeper Of Secrets (showcase)

The Keeper Of Secrets is Slaanesh's closest servant and companion, leading his armies of demons in battle against other forces of chaos and order.

Keeper Of Secrets has been painted to a professional standard.

The appearance of the Keeper of Secrets is variable and depends on the mood and whim of his master. She may have an androgynous face, an animal face, or a mixture of both. His body is strong and decorated with jewelry with the souls of his victims. Its four arms move lazily until it attacks its prey with sharp claws or magical powers.

Keeper Of Secrets is extremely intelligent and seductive, able to know the innermost desires of every mortal and use them for his own purposes. His presence is so alluring that it is difficult to resist. Keeper Of Secrets feeds on the emotions of its enemies, both pain and pleasure. His goal is to destroy dreams and fulfill nightmares, becoming more and more powerful on the wave of growing feelings.

In WH40K and AOS, Keeper Of Secrets is a powerful opponent that can take on multiple enemy units. His statistics and skills reflect his role as a master of combat and magic. He can deal heavy damage, dodge attacks, manipulate enemy movements and actions, and even summon other Slaanesh demons to the battlefield. Keeper Of Secrets is often chosen by players who like to play aggressively and flamboyantly, using a variety of tactics and playstyles.

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