MESBG - Osgiliath Veterans (showcase)

Osgiliath Veterans are units full of experience and courage that play a key role in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG). These are the soldiers who survived the siege of Osgiliath and continue to fight against the forces of Sauron with unwavering determination.

Osgiliath Veterans are experienced warriors who played a key role in defending Gondor from the onslaught of Mordor. These are soldiers who not only survived numerous battles, but also retained their fighting spirit and readiness to sacrifice for their city and kingdom. Their combat skills have been tested in the most difficult conditions, which makes them irreplaceable on the battlefield.

In the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG), the Veterans of Osgiliath are distinguished by their greater courage compared to the standard Warriors of Minas Tirith, as well as the ability to increase their combat power in the presence of Boromir or Faramir. Their models, although expensive, are carefully developed and reflect the character of these battle-hardened veterans.

Osgiliath Veterans with Spear

Veterans with spears are infantry equipped with long shafts, perfect for forming dense formations of pikemen. Their experience in combat allows them to effectively support their comrades in arms and penetrate enemy defenses.

Osgiliath Veterans with Sword and Shield

In turn, veterans with sword and shield form the core of the Gondorian army. They are extremely versatile, able to both defend against attacks and deliver deadly blows. Their skills are the result of many years of service and fighting for the city's survival.

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