MESBG – Citadel Guard (showcase)

The Citadel Guard are elite units in the world of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG), renowned for their unwavering courage and unrivaled combat skills. They are warriors who serve as the king's personal guard in Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. They are the last line of defense against enemies, protecting the king and his people.

Individual Citadel Guard units

Citadel Guard Archers are masters of the bow, capable of eliminating enemies from afar. Their precise shots often decide the fate of battles, as they can eliminate key targets before they can get close to the defense line.

Citadel Guard warriors with spears are extremely durable defenders who use their long spears to create an impenetrable wall behind which allies can hide. Their ability to fight in close formation makes them invaluable in direct combat.

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