MESBG – Uruk-Hai Scout Command Pack (showcase)

The Uruk-Hai Scout Command Pack is a set of battlefield commanders in the world of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG), an adaptation of the famous J.R.R. saga. Tolkien is invaluable. Each of the figures included in this pack has unique skills that significantly influence the course of the game.

Uruk-Hai Scout Captain

Uruk-Hai Scout Captain is the commander of the Uruk-Hai Scout unit. He is not only a powerful warrior, but also a capable leader who inspires his soldiers and raises morale in difficult situations. His presence on the battlefield makes his subordinates even more bold and effective in battle.

Uruk-Hai Drummer

Uruk-Hai Drummer is a character responsible for maintaining rhythm and discipline in the Uruk-Hai ranks. His drums produce sounds that mobilize units to even greater effort and concentration, which translates into their effectiveness in combat and the ability to quickly respond to changing conditions on the battlefield.

Uruk-Hai Banner Bearer

The Uruk-Hai Banner Bearer carries a banner into battle that is a symbol of the power and glory of Sauron's army. His presence on the battlefield increases the morale of his allies and gives them additional motivation to fight. In addition, the banner also serves as an orientation point for soldiers, making it easier for them to maintain formation and coordinate actions.

Uruk-Hai Shaman

Uruk-Hai Shaman is a priest of dark powers who has magical abilities and can manipulate the energy of the Dark Lord. His presence on the battlefield not only boosts the morale of Saruman's troops, but also allows him to cast spells that can weaken enemies or strengthen allies, making him an extremely valuable member of Isengard's army.

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