The Witcher: Ronin, Geralt and Tengu (showcase)

In the collectible figurine The Witcher: Ronin, Geralt and Tengu, showing the Witcher and the Tengu demon in an epic clash, two different realities are combined into one dynamic scene. The Witcher, also known as Geralt of Rivia, is a fantasy icon, taken straight from the saga of Andrzej Sapkowski. As a monster hunter with supernatural abilities, he travels through a world full of beasts, magic and moral dilemmas. This is a character that has become iconic in computer games, TV series and books.

W kontrze do tego stoi Tengu, postać pochodząca z japońskiej mitologii i folkloru. Tengu to istoty przypominające ptaki, obdarzone nadprzyrodzonymi umiejętnościami, często uznawane za ochroniarzy lasów i gór. Ich obecność w kulturze jest równie głęboka i złożona co w przypadku Wiedźmina, choć pochodzą z zupełnie innego kontekstu kulturowego.

The Witcher: Ronin, Geralt and Tengu were painted to a professional level of finish.

The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, is a monster hunter with unrivaled fighting skills and excellent knowledge of supernatural creatures. His life, filled with difficult choices and tragic fates, is the central motif in Sapkowski's sagas. As a character from a role-playing game, books, TV series and computer games, The Witcher has become a pop culture icon and one of the most recognizable fantasy heroes in the world.

Tengu, on the other hand, are creatures from Japanese mythology, often depicted as birds with human characteristics. In these beliefs, they are guardians of mountains, forests and sometimes esoteric knowledge. They are both fearsome and revered, and their presence in Japanese culture is fascinating for lovers of folklore and mythology.

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