MESBG – Saruman on Foot and Mounted (showcase)

In the world of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG), the character of Saruman the Great is one of the most influential and significant in the entire universe. As the Lord commanding the powerful army of Isengard, he plays an important role in the battles for control over Middle-earth.

Saruman on foot has been painted to a professional finish level.

Saruman on foot is a powerful wizard whose role on the battlefield is multidimensional. His magical skills allow him to cast spells, which can make a decisive difference in resolving MESBG battles. Saruman on foot is not only a master of magic, but also a capable commander who can motivate his troops to fight.

Saruman mounted has been painted to a professional level of finish.

Saruman mounted is an even more dangerous figure, mobile and powerful. On his horse, he becomes an excellent cavalry commander, which makes him irreplaceable in open field battles. His magical abilities remain intact, and his mobility allows him to decide the fate of battles faster and more effectively.

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