WH40K, AOS – Be'lakor, the Dark Master (showcase)

Be'lakor, the Dark Master, is a character from the Warhammer universe who appears in both Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) and Warhammer Age of Sigmar (AOS).

He is the first and oldest Chaos Demon Prince who serves all four Chaos Gods, but is not affiliated with any of them. Be'lakor is a master of manipulation and intrigue who tries to influence the fate of the world and the galaxy in order to regain his former glory and power.

Be'lakor in Warhammer 40,000

In WH40K, Be'lakor is one of the most powerful and mysterious opponents of the Imperium of Mankaind. His history goes back to the times when humanity was still a young race and he was the leader of a barbarian tribe. For his services to Chaos, he was elevated to the rank of Daemon Prince, but quickly alienated his patrons when he began plotting against them. Since then, Be'lakor has been doomed to eternally fight for the favor of the Chaos Gods, competing with other Demon Princes and their chosen Prophets of Doom. Be'lakor often operates in secret, impersonating other beings or whispering its plans to weaker minds. His goal is to bring about the fall of the Imperium and the destruction of all its enemies.

Be’lakor has been painted to a professional standard of detail finishing.

Be'lakor in Warhammer Age of Sigmar

In AOS, Be'lakor is known as the Shadowfather, who played a key role in the fall of the Old World and the birth of the Dead Lands. He was the first to betray the Gods of Order and ally himself with Archaon, the Lord of the End Times. However, even here Be'lakor did not gain the full trust of the Chaos Gods, who gave him the curse of eternal slavery. Be'lakor must serve anyone who takes possession of his chains, which are hidden in various places in the Dead Lands. Be'lakor is constantly looking for a way to free himself and take revenge on his tormentors. His power lies in shadow and illusion, which he uses to distort reality and sow confusion among his victims.

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